The Bachelor: Episode 10

The Bachelor: Episode 10

Episode 10: Fast cars and no roses

Group date:

  • We get straight into tonight at the race track with four ladies who flip their hair an unnecessary amount when they take their helmets off
  • Ohh Dasha is back in the mix for this date. I’ve missed her Russian accent. But hang on she doesn’t know how to drive a manual car and that’s pretty much the whole date
  • Sophie is up first for the blind obstacle test where the HB has to direct her through with a walkie talkie. Did a pretty good job only hitting one cone
  • Brittany gets confused with her left and right and then blames it on the HB’s instructions.
  • Brooke absolutely smashes it and does not hit any of the obstacles. She is just good at everything and for once I love that in a person
  • Dasha stalls it so many times I worry she might get whiplash. She is going to need a physio appointment
  • Time to speed the car in reverse and do some flicky thing to spin the car around. Brittany gives it a shot and for once is not as boring as usual, but is nothing compared to Dasha from Russia who has no problem with the stick this time
  • Brooke does a ripper job and then it’s Sophie’s turn who is basically a ball of nerves but also nails it. Wow I thought that was going to be way more dramatic but it does win her some one on one time with the HB. They have some d&ms about how excited they get when they see each other, and she gets a rose

Single date:

  • Jamie Lee gets the date and Cass has a lot to say about how unfair it is because she has been in the house the whole time and how dare Jamie Lee come in half way through and steal a single date
  • Remember Jamie Lee is the one who basically broke her ankle on the very first day she entered the house. Yes that’s her anyway so the date is to do some martial arts which I can imagine would be a bit difficult in a moonboot
  • The HB is pumped to get his hands on his weapon and wave it around but JL is not so keen because she isn’t very sporty. The does explain her ankle at least
  • To be completely honest all it looks like they are doing is pulling a sword from the holder and JL is so bad it’s almost embarrassing. The rest of the date doesn’t really improve where it’s just very awkward and there is zero connection between them

Cocktail party:

  • Everyone is super keen to ask Jamie Lee if she got a rose and this brings her to tears because no her boring personally did not get awarded a rose and I mean that is the aim of the game so basically, she is a big loser. No I kid but that’s how she is feeling
  • Tenille is also very worried about her chances of getting a rose so has a chat to the HB where tells her he has no time for the wall she is putting up. Of course this makes her cry which then concerns the HB so they chat longer about this wall.
  • In the end it’s all too much for Tenille and she is walked to the car so she can keep her dignity in tack and not be rejected at the rose ceremony
  • Osher has to break the news to the group and shannon bursts into tears over Tenille so I guess that’s nice

Next week: Cass gets a single date. Great can’t wait for that


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