The Bachelor: Episode 11

The Bachelor: Episode 11

Episode 11: The date


Single date:

  • The moment we have all been waiting for – Cass’ single date where the HB picks her up in a yellow school bus. I guess she is a bit special but you don’t have to been so blatant about it
  • Cass is super impressed though and just starts reeling off all the things she likes about the HB. OK we get it you love him
  • They go to Wet n’ Wild for the day and the whole park is closed off for them. I mean that’s pretty good, they don’t have to wait in any lines
  • Except they choose some really high ride which wouldn’t be my personal choice but none the less off they go. Both of them are scared of heights so we get lots of swearing and screams
  • So they are suspended really high above the ground and one of them needs to pull the rip cord out for them to drop. The HB does it but nothing happens so then it’s all panic stations about how the ride is faulty. To be honest I would not be cool, calm and collected anymore
  • Oh but it’s all a ruse and Cass actually has to pull the cord. You got me there HB. Anyway they fly through the air and all is good
  • They delve into their feelings for each other where obviously Cass is all in and her feeling continue to grow everyday. She asks him if he has feelings for her which he agrees there is a connection. Why lead her on?! Anyway she gets a rose and a kiss


Group date:

  • All the girls go into the bush for a team building, obstacle course type deal with a transformational coach. We are getting deep tonight except for Jamie Lee who is still in a moon boot and can’t participate
  • Before they start they must write down something that is holding them back on a piece of paper because that is what they will overcome today
  • They go through a bunch of mud and climb over some stuff then struggle to get the big fella over the last obstacle, but they get there in the end
  • Time to dive into those cards of fears and it’s all very emotional with the music so we start to hear some deep emotions. But I won’t go into that because ew boring
  • Dasha from Russia wins some one on one time with the HB where they cheers to ‘getting wet and dirty’ but then the date takes a turn where they both struggle to find conversation


Rose Ceremony:

  • Dasha comes back without a rose and Jamie Lee is super nervy so those two might be in the hot seat
  • Yes sorry Jamie Lee you are not getting a rose this time but everyone else lives to see another rose ceremony with the HB


Next time: someone crashes a Segway and stacks it hard


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