The Bachelor: Episode 13

The Bachelor: Episode 13

Episode 13: a very boring episode


Group date:

  • We kick off the episode with some 50s inspired ten pin bowling. The HB is rocking the most unfortunate hair style I have ever seen 
  • Brooke gets the first strike which means she wins some time in the back of the Cadillac with the HB. But it’s like speed dating so when Soph gets a strike she kicks Brooke out of the car and this goes on for a while with the switching 
  • They then have to write a letter to themselves in 2028. Cass reads her letter and just cries a lot over finding someone to love. Dasha from Russia then takes the cake for crying the most. I mean if she misses her child so much maybe don’t choose to go on the bachelor. Just saying 
  • Brittany wins some one on one time because she was able to write a good letter 


Last single date:

  • Sophie and the HB go ice skating and even play some ice hockey. Then they kiss a whole lot and which makes me rethink my whole plan of who will win the show. So much kissing


Cocktail party

  • Brittany asks Sophie if she is ok becuase she was getting a weird vibe from her face. Sophie says no becuase she didn’t get a rose. God there is literally nothing going on tonight it’s so boring! 
  • Dasha then shows pictures of her child and I think she should just be put out of her misery and sent home 


Rose ceremony

  • Two people are going to be evicted because tomorrow night we have home visits with only 4 girls
  • Surely Emily and Dasha are sent home tonight
  • Brooke is left until last to get her rose and to be honest I just find that incredibly rude

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