The Bachelor; Episode 14

The Bachelor; Episode 14

Episode 14: the home visits


Alright strap yourselves in and get comfortable because this is a long one.

Cass’s Home Date:

  • Every season there is one crazy horse girl and tonight we find out that is Cass. I should have seen it coming. They do some jumps and ride around on their horses
  • Meeting the family it is very prominent that everyone has terrible hair and I mean terrible
  • The girls sneak off for a chat and they all talk about how into the HB Cass is. The mum lets us know she even wrote his name on her wish board. Then she tells us Cass thought the HB was potentially the one. This mum is great
  • The sister tries to give the HB a grilling but he dodges those questions like a fine tuned Politian. Then the mum gives him the longest hug. Must be where Cass gets it from


Brooke‘s Home Date

  • We are in sunny WA and its Brooke’s turn so this will all just be magical. I am not wrong they kick off with some footy and just giggle the whole time
  • Tess, Brooke’s friend is not a fan of the show or the multiple relationships the HB is in so fires questions which he can’t even answer. But in the end he is able to reassure her and they all like him
  • Brooke tells the HB she really likes him and sees herself falling in love with him. God I just love these two. I am going to be heartbroken if they don’t end up together

Sophie‘s Home Date:

  • We head over to QLD and it’s a nice surprise they aren’t making out the whole time which is better than last episode. Instead they go jet skiing
  • The HB is also from Brisbane and he fits in quite nicely with her family so I think this could be a good option for him
  • Then the twin sister pulls the HB aside to put cream on the pavlova and also have a little chat about their potential relationship
  • They talk about how Sophie struggles to express her emotion but the sisters don’t think he is as invested as she is so they let Sophie know
  • Sophie tries to take their advice about dropping her barrier and but then all she tells him is she enjoys spending time with him. Pretty sure that brick wall is still up and it might cost her a rose


Brittany‘s Home Date:

  • We are again on the beach but this time in NSW where the two of them ride camels on the sand. Pretty lame they have to wear helmets. The camels in Broome don’t make you do that
  • As soon as they walk into the family BBQ Brittany’s dad pulls the HB aside where he starts off by telling him he doesn’t know who he is. Then he says he learnt the HB was a rugby player and this automatically means he is a player so he doesn’t like him. Wow this guy goes in hard
  • The dad looks like he might be in a motorbike gang, so I feel like the HB should be scared. Maybe this is the reason all those rumours say Brittany’s wins. The dad even said he was willing to physically harm Brittany’s ex so that is not positive for the HB
  • The brother and sister then each give it a crack and start firing questions. The sister asks about Cass and how she has heard rumours they have been hooking up leading up to the show. Brittany is shocked by this. I feel like this is fake drama because this is all old news
  • But apparently this is all brand-new info so she asks the HB and he confirms they hooked up a few times but they were definitely not dating. Sounds like a booty call situation to me


Cocktail party:

  • Brittany confronts Cass about these booty calls and Cass explains she left out a couple of details and says they actually went out on a few dates and he even came to her birthday. Then Cass starts crying as per usual
  • Brittany is really hurt by all of it and she just wants to leave. Maybe her dad said he would get his bike gang on her if she dated a silly rugby player?
  • Then Brittany asks what physical stuff they have got up to. Cass is way to embarrassed to say what actually happened so must be some naughty stuff. Wink


Rose Ceremony:

  • Brittany and Cass are both freaking out about their situation and rightly so because it is Cass that does not receive a rose. Finally he puts the poor girl out of her misery. God she is going to be an absolute wreck for weeks though
  • He walks her to the car and tells her she is amazing meanwhile Brittany is inside dishing the goss on their little fling. I hope Cass finds a nice boyfriend soon


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