The Bachelor: Episode 15

The Bachelor: Episode 15

Episode 15: Devastation


  • The final three! First up we have a date with Sophie where the HB turns up in a very fancy car that takes them to go sky diving!
  • There is a lot of swearing from both and then they have to abort the jump because there is too much wind. Is this another prank? No it’s not the wind really was too strong
  • After that fearful moment Sophie finally plucks the courage to tell the HB how she is feeling and this is very received. She talks about passion and love and then they kiss


  • Brittany is up next and this time the HB turns up in an icecream truck. Interesting choice and as usual Brittany makes some super lame jokes. Sure they have the potential to be funny but the execution just doesn’t do it for me
  • They go for a tour in a lighthouse finding a very pretty view of the Sydney Harbour but it’s all just very boring. Followed by a three string orchestra and again its boring
  • The topic of Cass is brought up once again and Brittany just can’t get over the dishonesty behind it all. I feel like we are flogging a dead horse here. Is there nothing interesting to talk about or than Cass?!


  • Brooke is finally last one for the date and she is just a breath of fresh air compared to Brittany. This time the HB arrives on a motorbike. I think the type of motor vehicle he arrives in is the most exciting thing about this episode
  • They head to a farm and do some painting on each other while staring into each other’s eyes. Turns out they both have some skills with painting that I did not foresee
  • Brooke asks for some reassurance from the HB about his feelings for her, but he answers that he is struggling with his feelings for all three of his girlfriends. Well HB just make up your mind and choose brooke because she is the best. Poor brooke feels even more confused after his bad answer


Rose ceremony

  • Brooke walks out of the rose ceremony before the HB even comes in and goes to find Osher and the HB. She tells him she feels hurt that she cannot get reassurance from him. Oh no this is the end of their beautiful relationship before it even began. Devastating
  • He should definitely fight for her and make her stay, don’t let a good thing like Brooke slip through your fingers. But no he walks her to the car instead. What a whimp


Next time: the finale!


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