The Bachelor: Episode 2

The Bachelor: Episode 2

Episode 2: The Romy show

The first date:

  • Gets awarded to Shannon. She laughs at just about anything so the HB has an easy audience.
  • Oh my goodness her face is very expressive when she see the helicopter. As the HB describes it she was ‘nervous as a bag of cats at a greyhound meet.’
  • They get winched out of the chopper then have a romantic picnic on the beach with salmon that Shannon hates. But none the less she laughs her head off the entire time.
  • Shannon arrives back at the house and lets all the hungry hyenas know that no she did not pash on her date. Romy is extremely happy about this.

Group date:

  • The photoshoot! This is the iconic second episode shoot that happens every season. Hope it doesn’t disappoint. With a theme like PASSION I think we might be entertained.
  • The 80s rock band shoot with Romy, Cass and two strangers we haven’t seen before play it up big time. Cass and Romy fight each other for the HB’s attention.  Power to the women.
  • The fireman shoot has the HB with no top on. Woohoo. Vanessa Sunshine is as per usual complaining about something and Brooke is as per usual just being so cute in the HB’s arms staring into his eyes. Woowee this is romantic. I am even getting tingles. 
  • The teacher/student photo shoot Cayla the poor love gets unlucky and has to wear an ugly teachers outfit which Cat makes sure to rub it right into her face all day.
  • Why didn’t they choose that hippy one for the yoga photoshoot? Juliana I think her name is. Anyway it’s with Sophie and they do some sexual poses but Sophie doesn’t seem to be digging it because she is too nervy. The other girls, mainly Romy, are not happy with this and feel Sophie isn’t taking the experience serious enough. My goodness she sounds silly. Sophie is nervous ok!

Surprise single date:

  • Romy gets awarded this surprise date and Cayla the energy healer is so confused her psychic didn’t warn her of this! For about the third time Romy lets us know she could care less about the other girls in the house and is only here to win, she is so refreshing.
  • They make some pizza and Romy is keen to put some jalapenos on hers but HB ain’t keen for those ‘ring stingers.’ Then Romy steals the first kiss! On the ear (doesn’t count). She is not messing around guys. Not for a second. So much neck kissing though, someone needs to remind her to keep it PG13 plz.


Cocktail party:

  • Romy is literally licking her lips as she tells them about the kiss. Gross. And liar, didn’t even happen. Shannon the car care consultant (wtf is that?!) now regrets not kissing him and then cries in the bathroom. Gosh you blink and another lady has gone nuts.
  • Tenille the beautiful one then gets her time cut short by bloody Romy. Romy put your lawn mower away we do not need you cutting grass tonight. She calls him delicious and then does some more neck sucking. Spew. Then while everyone is watching slightly moves to the lips. Still unsure if it counts as a kiss though.

Rose ceremony time:

  • Another two are leaving, we are speeding through this season apparently. But don’t worry the beautiful Brooke gets a rose. Hang on is that Cayla wearing a crown? Ohh but everyone hates her, not sure why, and wants her evicted. So naturally she gets the last rose.
  • Juliana and Renee are unlucky in love and don’t get a rose. Never seen Renee before and word on the street is Juliana is from Bondi Rescue so she can just go back to that show.


Next week: Cass embarrasses herself again.

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