The Bachelor: Episode 3

The Bachelor: Episode 3

Episode 3: Fruit loops for breakfast

 Single date:

  • We kick off where we left, with Romy whinging, mainly about Vanessa Sunshine not loving the HB enough. Meanwhile Romy is wearing a top that says ‘the future is female’ what a great ambassador.
  • HB gives a misleading clue about knowing the person so we all think it’s Cass but not so fast Crazy Cass, or the Jarrod of this season, the date is actually for Brittany.
  • They take a boat to the golf course to ‘knock a few balls in the holes’ playing foot golf, basically soccer mixed with golf. Yawn it’s a boring date. No surprise there if soccer is involved.
  • They share an amazing cheese platter, a swim and a kiss but it’s nothing to write home about. However it is the first kiss of the season so I guess that’s something.

 Group Date:

  • They play some games with straws and balls and Jarrod, sorry I mean Cass gets her crazy eyes on. The final round sees Cat, Aleksandra, Vanessa Sunshine and Blair compete by answering questions about the HB. It’s a battle between Cat and Vanessa Sunshine and it’s all bit nasty pasty, however Vanessa wins one on one time with the HB.
  • This date comes first for being the most awkward in bachelor history. HB tries all his best work but gets absolute donuts.

 The Key:

  • Finally we get some good one on one time with Brooke and the HB. She wear her super cute silk pjs and cooks breakfast. They share some lovely convo and Brooke just seems so wise for her years.
  • They play rugby but it’s just more of an excuse to tackle each other. Which works because they then share the second kiss of the season! Way more exciting than the first.

 Cocktail party:

  • Cass brings her diary to the cocktail party and has definitely eaten fruit loops for breakfast with this crazy plan.
  • The girls dig into Vanessa Sunshine about how she doesn’t drop her pants for the HB like the rest of them
  • Wow Dasha was married before for 8 years and has a 5 year old son. Where did this come from? I thought Cass was dropping the bombs tonight, how wrong I was.
  • Anyway back to Cass who is stressing hardcore about her silver sparkly diary. Love at first sight is mentioned as well as being excited about their journey. The HB says he has bitten off more than he can chew and we all know he is trying to find the words to tell her he is not keen.
  • Blair gets involved with the Vanessa sunshine and Cat fight. Good on you Blair getting some airtime. Shannon then chimes in as well as Alisha. Where is that shirt from the start Romy was wearing ‘the future is female’?

 Rose Ceremony

  • Three leaving tonight but not before Cayla takes the HB outside to tell him about all the mean girl action with Cat and Romy.
  • The other two leaving are Kayla and Christina. Yes you wouldn’t remember them.


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