The Bachelor: Episode 4

The Bachelor: Episode 4

Single date:

  • Dasha from Russia tickled the HB’s fancy so he has taken her on a date fly fishing. They chat about her son and just have some genuine lols.
  • HB teaches Dasha how to fish where she exclaims ‘I feel safe when you’re behind.’ Naughty. They share some intimate convo and a kiss.

 Group date:

  • The Inaugural Bachelor Arrow Tag Championships is what’s on the cards for the date. Basically, dodgeball but with a bow and arrow.
  • Shannon and Cat get picked as the captains by Osher to fuel the feud of last episode.
  • Cat does some trash talking as per usual with her face looking like she just ate a bag of lemons.
  • HB gets hit right in the ‘jatz cracker’ so he is no use. But he does help the red team win the first round.
  • From a technicality the blue team win the second round but all’s fair in love and war.
  • Best on ground gets awarded to Cat for her team work. Of course, Cass has something to say about this and has a small cry to the camera.
  • Cat’s more into winning this competition then the Bachie I think. She just wants to win, doing the old Charlie Sheen. She forces his face to hers and wins a super awkward kiss.

 Cocktail party:

  • Who is this Blair and why is she wearing gym clothes to the cocktail party?
  • Turns out she has a plan of putting the HB in detention because he hasn’t paid her any attention. It’s very short lived where I think I blinked and missed it.
  • The rest of the party is overshadowed once again by Cass trying to get time with the HB and tonight the stalker vibes are very apparent. But if she goes we really don’t have much of a storyline anymore.

 Rose Ceremony

  • Cass is the last one called, had us all worried there for a while. Instead it is Steph and Aleksandra who have to say goodbye. Shame they didn’t get much of a look in.
  • Steph tells the Hb she can’t believe she shaved her legs for this rose ceremony. Truth

 Next week: Looks juicy with some more Cass stalker drama

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