The Bachelor: Episode 5

The Bachelor: Episode 5

Episode 5

Single date

  • Sophie gets it this week and we get a really close shot of her applying m mBlistex. Are they a sponsor? Shout out to Blistex hey
  • They go on a hydrofoil which is this sort of sail boat contraption with a large fin and they have to wear a lot of protective gear making Soph warm up her wetsuit with a little wee. Can’t blame her because they absolutely fang along in the Sydney harbour
  • Sophie being awkward last time they hang out comes up and she is like listen it was cold and I was doing exposing yoga poses so yeah I was awkward. Then she opens up about all aspects of her life and they bond and have a great time kissing and stuff

Group date

  • They meet the HB’s family! Of course Cass manages to make it all about herself having to claim she has met the brother before. Big whoop
  • More importantly the dad has a killer moustache and is an absolute classic trying to pretend he is interested in what these girls are talking about
  • The sister gets straight down to it interviewing each girl. She does not mess around. But she loves Brooke and just destroys Cat so she definitely has her head screwed on right.
  • Romy then plays a bit dirty and dobs on Cass to the sister which Blair overhears and then she dobs on Romy to everyone. It’s all very classy
  • But don’t worry its Brooke who wins the family over and wins the extra time with the fam bam.

Cocktail party

  • HB comes and sweeps Tenielle away (represent Teneille hope you win) but bloody Cass keeps hogging all the camera about how much she loves the HB. Honestly get some new material
  • Cass then steals and says it was ‘refreshening’ to see his brother. Good one. The Hb lets her know she is crazy and should leave. No just kidding but he nicely says to her that he has 25 hot girls also wanting him to love them so he just can’t commit right now. 
  • The Hb then confront Cat about hearing she isn’t here for the right reasons so Cat turns on the water works. Meanwhile Vanessa Sunshine chimes in with her opinions.

Rose ceremony

  • Cat gets left in the bottom two but it is Blair the snitch that gets kicked out. As always snitches get stiches or in this case they don’t get a rose

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