The Bachelor: Episode 9

The Bachelor: Episode 9

Episode 9: The Big Secret

 Single date:

  • Everyone is rejoicing with the mean girls no longer in the house and then we are joined by Osher who hasn’t been visiting the house much this season. Maybe he was scared of Cat and Romy. Single date card goes to Brittney who I personally find a bit vanilla
  • They go on a boat tour of the Sydney harbour and then to a wildlife park where they hold some snakes. I bet the HB wishes she was holding his snake heyyy
  • They feed a croc and then have a picnic with the kangaroo. Streuth this is an iconic Australian date. Russel Coight eat your heart out
  • Brittney then starts to ask questions about where their relationship is heading because she is unsure so he gives her a kiss to shut her up

 The group date is a liar detector test and these were the detectives findings:

  • Tenille has walls and isn’t willing to knock them down. Meanwhile Cass will share every thought she has about love. She is ‘absolutely infatuated’ with him
  • Sophie is very goal orientated but can’t prioritise love over work. Jamie Lee doesnt like to shy away from anything
  • Deanna admits she is competitive in yoga and that’s her biggest flaw. I don’t even know how to unpack that
  • Brooke has a lot of self-doubt however the HB thinks she is very genuine which convinces her to tell him a secret. But not yet
  • To summarize Soph has genuine feelings, Jamie Lee felt comfortable, Deanna was the hardest to read, Tenille is protecting herself, brooke is a genuine soul and Cass just loooves touching him

 Cocktail party

  • Now the mean girls are gone we are back with the storyline of Cass being a stage 5 clinger. Feel a bit sorry for her though because she will be genuinely heartbroken the day he doesn’t give her a rose. But wow she is just so keen
  • Brooke has been teasing us about her secret all night and now is the time she finally reveals. Turns out brooke has had 2 girlfriends before. Big woop its 2018 get over it
  • Oh my god then an ad comes on for the next Bachelorette and it’s boring Ali. She does a song and dance number and dear lord it is bad. Why oh why did they agree to her? We will all just fall asleep every episode because she is so beige
  • Anyway sorry back to Brooke who pretty much explains she just loves someone for who they are rather than seeing their gender. She is so lovely. But all is good and the HB has no issue with any of it. What a non issue the big secret was. I’m still mad about Ali

 Rose ceremony

  • Deanna got some bad feedback from the detective so I think she might get the boot
  • Gets down to Deanna and Tenille but it is of course Deanna that leaves because she was so closed off in the liar detector test.

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